Oh God, forgive myself whenever I whine;You will find two feeta€¦ society try my own.

And I quit buying some sweets.The lad exactly who offered them have this type of charm, we chatted with your.He believed to myself: a€?Ita€™s good to speak with people as if you.You see,a€? he said, a€?Ia€™m blind.a€?

Oh goodness, forgive me personally once I whine;I have two eyesa€¦ the planet is mine.

Then strolling across the street, we watched a young child with attention of bluish.He endured and seen the others play;It appeared the guy knew not really what to do.we ended for a moment,then we stated, a€?exactly why dona€™t your join the people, dear?a€?He searched ahead without a keyword,and however understood the guy would never discover.

Oh Jesus, forgive me personally when I whine;I have two earsa€¦ while the world try my own.

With ft to simply take myself in which Ia€™d go.With attention to see the sunseta€™s glow.With ears to listen to everything I would know.