Nowadays many people are aware of the importance of health and are starting to apply healthy lifestyle patterns in their daily lives, one of them is by doing sports. But not a few people who have obstacles to exercise in the gym or fitness center for reasons of limited time, the distance between home and location, to the lack of privacy when exercising in public places.

Answering these challenges, as a center for household equipment and lifestyle needs, Ace Hardware Indonesia presents a variety of gym equipment as a solution for exercising at home optimally while remaining comfortable. Merchandising General Manager of PT ACE Hardware Indonesia Tbk, Helen Widjaja, said that her company provides various gym products with famous American brands such as BOWFLEX, SCHWINN, NAUTILUS, KINETIC and BERWYN at competitive prices.

These products include static bicycles and treadmills for cardio, which are sports that increase heart rate, a multi-gym collection that is a tool that can do some movement for body shaping, and a collection of other sports equipment such as thai boxing equipment, basketball hoops to table tennis. “All the products presented are very suitable for use at home because they have a compact design so they don’t consume a lot of land, are easy to store and move, and use low electric power,” he said in Jakarta.

In addition, visitors can also get products that support the consumption of healthy foods and drinks such as the slow juicer HUROM brand and the KRIS brand stand blender that is practical and can be taken directly. On this occasion ACE also specifically introduced two types of gym products with more advantages, namely the MAX TRAINER M3 brand BOWFLEX which is a gym that combines the functions of a treadmill (exercise for the feet) and eliptical (exercise for the hands) so that it can burn 2.5 calories bigger times in just 14 minutes.

This tool maximizes the benefits of cardio to improve heart work, endurance and stamina. Next is the BODY LIFT MULTI GYM brand BERWYN which is very suitable for the process of body formation, because with this tool we can do some movements to form the shoulders, arms, chest, back, stomach and legs.

Another advantage is that this tool does not use ballast plates, but proportions that can be set from 10 percent to 150 percent of body weight, so that in addition to being effective and safe when used, this tool is also lightweight so that it is easy to move.